Structural Integration

Merlin Madrid
Certified Advanced Rolfer
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                MERLIN V.  MADRID


    Merlin is a native born hispanic coloradan, who’s first introduction to Rolfing which came as a client, seeking help with moderate pain caused by an injury  She experienced during a fall from a horse. After experiencing the power of Rolfing as a client, Merlin took time off from her teaching schedule as a fine art photography instructor at Metro State College in Denver and quickly enrolled at The Rolf Institute® in Boulder, CO.   Immediately following her graduation, she was invited to re-enter the classroom as a teaching assistant and has been involved with teaching in Rolfing classes ever since. 

   Merlin was certified as a Rolfer in 2002 and completed additional training in 2005 to receive her Advanced Rolfing Certification . In addition, she has studied therapies that treat the fascial systems of the viscera (organs),  and now uses her visual skills, structural understanding  and anatomical knowledge to help transform the human body.

     Merlin maintains both her private Rolfing practice and a teaching schedule that includes regular classroom teaching and one on one mentoring with Rolfing students.   and her normal working days  include  Saturday  and Sunday.  Her  sessions last 60 to 75 minutes, and the cost is $ 130.  per session.  (cash, checks, or credit card are accepted)

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